#ATLrevival: Lululemon's Atlanta Warehouse Sale

Did anyone else hit up the #ATLrevival Lululemon warehouse sale at America's Mart this weekend in Atlanta? It was the first time Lululemon did one in the south and I think it was definitely worth it!

Their prices were basically 50% off and they kept cutting prices throughout the weekend. I went with my friend Amanda Saturday morning and we got there at 6:45 after some Starbucks fuel and got a really good spot in line. There were probably only 30 people in front of us.

The doors opened at 8 a.m. and everything was really organized. We went straight to the racks with our sizes and grabbed what we liked. Hit the dressing rooms next. Then came the hard part - deciding what to actually buy and what to put back on the rack.

I ended up with two pairs of wonder under pants, two sports bras a tank and a jacket!

We also were buying for friends and family so after 5 hours we called it quits!
I heard Friday was WAY crazier (think Black Friday crazy) so I'm glad we went Saturday when there was still plenty selection left but not as many people.

Who else went? Did you think it was worth it?

xox. A


Bar Taco: The best taco I've probably ever had

A few weeks ago I spent a fun Saturday with two of my girlfriends over in Westside for "Tuck. Torq. Taco." which was a fun event including a 55-minute Pure Barre class, followed by a 35-minute Torq cycling class
and topped off with margaritas and tacos at Bar Taco! 

Bar Taco has several locations in the Atlanta area and I have recently become huge fan! I wasn't sure at first because I hadn't quite figured out what to order and felt like I was paying a lot for not a lot of food, but now I love it and thought I'd share some recommendations so you can try it too!

(They have 3 locations in the Atlanta area, but also in Florida, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee and Virginia if you want to find one near you.)

For two people, I recommend sharing an appetizer (I always love me some guac) plus a side (I get the grilled corn every time) and then your tacos - two is perfect for me!
They have really interesting tacos, not your boring beef, chicken or fish tacos, that's for sure!

Secret Menu Items
Everyone likes being let in on a secret, amiright? Well, Bar Taco has a secret taco each month so you have to ask for it to find out what it is. The one I just had was the fried avocado taco and OH MY GOSH it was game changing. I'm pretty sure it's the best taco I've ever had.

I was also told to order the secret watermelon margarita, also delicious. It's not overly sweet and
has chunks of watermelon in it. So refreshing! 

H and I went to Bar Taco this past Saturday for lunch. It was a perfect day to sit outside and the food was once again delicious.I love trying new Atlanta restaurants!
Where should we go next?

Saturday lunch with H at Bar Taco, Chastain Park

Have you been to Bar Taco, if so, what did you think? Any other "secret menu" items we should try?

xox, A


Sunday Happenings

It's been a busy week - suffering from a reality-check back at work after 4 beautiful days in Turks & Caicos for our anniversary trip - and H has been off on a boys golf trip this weekend. I'm so glad neither of us travel without the other much... I'm so bored without him here!! That's what's so fun about marrying your best friend. 

Here are some Sunday Happenings for today...

Jimmy Fallon & Ariana Grande Lip Sync
Here's a hilarious skit from Jimmy Fallon, my favorite late night host, and Ariana Grande having a conversation via song lyrics, pretty funny! I'm also biased because it mentions Home Depot, which makes it even cooler. 

Google Hacks You Need to Know
I love the blog, The Everygirl. If you're not familiar with it, I highly recommend it. It has great ideas for traveling, career/finance advice, recipes, fashion and much more! This article from The Everygirl gives helpful Google Hacks from Search to Google Docs (which I'm obsessed with and use ALL the time!).

What Your Favorite Wine Says About Your Job
This hilarious article from The Thrillist was just too funny not to share. 
What does your favorite wine say about your career?? 

Since it's been warm in Atlanta these past few weeks I've been opting for white wine over red, and Sauvignon Blanc pretty much hits the nail on the head about me, 
since I do work in a corporate office for a major retailer. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

This is the second time I've tried fabfitfun and my spring box sent me a box of herbs to plant! I DO NOT have a green thumb, so thinking this could be an easier place to start and see if I can keep them alive long enough to plant them outside.

Franny's 1st Birthday
My in-laws have an adorable Havanese puppy named Franny, and it was her first birthday this past Friday! Happy birthday sweet girl, doesn't she look precious in her little birthday hat??

Hoping to tackle some work and house projects this afternoon and I'm going to the 3:00 Pure Barre class with my favorite instructor. What's on everyone else's radar this beautiful Sunday?

Hope everyone has a great week!
xox, A