Bar Taco: The best taco I've probably ever had

A few weeks ago I spent a fun Saturday with two of my girlfriends over in Westside for "Tuck. Torq. Taco." which was a fun event including a 55-minute Pure Barre class, followed by a 35-minute Torq cycling class
and topped off with margaritas and tacos at Bar Taco! 

Bar Taco has several locations in the Atlanta area and I have recently become huge fan! I wasn't sure at first because I hadn't quite figured out what to order and felt like I was paying a lot for not a lot of food, but now I love it and thought I'd share some recommendations so you can try it too!

(They have 3 locations in the Atlanta area, but also in Florida, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee and Virginia if you want to find one near you.)

For two people, I recommend sharing an appetizer (I always love me some guac) plus a side (I get the grilled corn every time) and then your tacos - two is perfect for me!
They have really interesting tacos, not your boring beef, chicken or fish tacos, that's for sure!

Secret Menu Items
Everyone likes being let in on a secret, amiright? Well, Bar Taco has a secret taco each month so you have to ask for it to find out what it is. The one I just had was the fried avocado taco and OH MY GOSH it was game changing. I'm pretty sure it's the best taco I've ever had.

I was also told to order the secret watermelon margarita, also delicious. It's not overly sweet and
has chunks of watermelon in it. So refreshing! 

H and I went to Bar Taco this past Saturday for lunch. It was a perfect day to sit outside and the food was once again delicious.I love trying new Atlanta restaurants!
Where should we go next?

Saturday lunch with H at Bar Taco, Chastain Park

Have you been to Bar Taco, if so, what did you think? Any other "secret menu" items we should try?

xox, A

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