The Easiest Way to Mail Christmas Cards

One thing I love - and certainly got from my amazing mother - is the love of Christmas cards! 
But as a working young professional, I don't always have the time to address and mail them myself. 
That's why I love Postable.com

This company makes it super easy to collect addresses from your friends and family to create your own address book, then you can use their website to send all kinds of cards (not just Christmas cards) like birthday, anniversary, thank you notes, invitations, the list goes on and on.

So for the past two years, I've uploaded a picture of Houston and I and picked out a Christmas card design I liked. Then selected who to send cards to from my address book and the best part...
they address and mail them for you!!!!!

Seriously, I wish I came up with this idea. Jump on over to Postable.com and check out their cute Christmas cards to choose from!

Here are our Christmas cards from the past 2 years that we ordered from Postable.com:

2014 Christmas Card

2015 Christmas Card

Trying to decide which adorable card to use this year from their Christmas card designs!

xox, A

PS - This is not a sponsored post, but Postable.com if you want to pay me I would happily accept 😉
I love to tell others about your company!