30 Before 30

I recently turned 25 and I think it's time to retire my "25 before 25" list 
and work on some new goals for the next 5 years!

I blogged a few months ago with some goals for the 2016 calendar year,
but this goes beyond just this calendar year!

So here we go, here are 30 goals I hope to accomplish before I turn 30 on May 19. 2021:

1. Write a list of 30 goals and encourage others to do so (Please comment me a link to your own list!)
2. Read my Bible more, as well as faith-based devotionals
3. Start our own company
4. Attend a blogging conference
5. Send my mom flowers out of the blue
6. Learn calligraphy and use it!
7. Have a picnic with Houston in an Atlanta park
8. Get a puppy!!!! We just need to agree on a breed we like first... stay tuned!
9. Read 5 books cover to cover
10. Work at meal planning... so we stop making 5 trips to the grocery store each week ;)
11. Have friends over for a blind wine tasting
12. Successfully plant herbs (and keep them alive) in our backyard
13. Consistently workout and more importantly be content and happy with how I look
14. Get our porch updated and hang Edison lights outside
15. Run (and walk) a half marathon
16. Travel abroad with Houston
17. Cook a big meal and host a dinner party for friends
18. Watch a meteor shower
19. Go on a couples vacation
20. This is a stretch - learn to speak another language. Hopefully French! Oui oui
21. Then we should probably travel to France to use that French language ;)
22. Join Junior League of Atlanta
23. Spend time serving the homeless in Atlanta
24. Take a golf lesson. How proud will Houston be of me?!
25. Unplug for an entire weekend. I should do this at least once a year.
26. Invest in real sunglasses. No more $5 sunnies.
27. Get better at budgeting, especially when it comes to groceries
28. Become a Pure Barre instructor - I have fallen in love with Pure Barre and would love to teach classes if the opportunity is available!
29With our recent interest of wine the last few years, go to Napa Valley with Houston
(Maybe for our 3rd wedding anniversary trip?? Yes please!)
30. Throw a huge birthday bash for Houston's and my 30th birthdays!

There it is! I'll keep you all posted on how my goals are coming along by posting to a separate page as well. You can find it at the top of my blog under the "30 Before 30" page.

Thank you Business Insider for some inspiration!

It's fun to think about where Houston's and my life will be five years from now. Where do you see yourself in five years? And what do you hope to accomplish?

xox, A


Favorite Workout Tanks

There are so many cute workout tanks these days that I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent favorites!

I Can't. I Have Barre.
Simply Workout $36
This one cracks me up, in Pure Barre they always talk about the "Pure Barre ledge"
Got Ledge?
Simply Workout $39
Killing It
Everfitte Etsy Shop $27
Happy Hour at the Barre
Everfitte Etsy Shop $26
Everfitte Etsy Shop $26
Straight Outta Platform
Sweatyselfie Etsy Shop $20

I want all of these for Pure Barre!! Which one do you like best?
Any suggestions for other favorite workout tanks?

xox, A


Sister Bridal Shoot

The other weekend my sister, Betsy, and I had such a fun time putting our wedding dresses on and modeling for our fabulous, bridal boutique Solutions Bridal in Orlando, FL. We posted some fun pictures this weekend, but in case you missed it you can look up the hashtag #SBsistershoot on Instagram.

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning and drove to Oviedo to Kristen Weaver's studio (she shot both of our weddings!) so it was so much fun to see her again! She's amazingly talented!

LeJeune Artistry did our hair and makeup for the shoot. We were lucky enough to have Patricia and her team at Betsy and Michael's wedding this past November. I can't say enough about how sweet Patricia is! Loved getting to see her again.

And Jeffrey Stoner was the videographer for Betsy and Michael's wedding and joined the fun for our sister shoot. He interviewed us after the photoshoot to talk about being sisters and special memories from each of our wedding days. Jeffrey kept us laughing all morning and is also incredibly talented!!
I can't wait to share the video he made from our sister photoshoot.

Tali from Solutions Bridal was our stylist and put the whole thing together! Tali and her team are amazing. Betsy and I can't say enough about our amazing experience with buying our dresses from Solutions. From start to finish the process and customer service they provide is exceptional.

Mom, Betsy and I were just saying that Solutions is the "Ritz Carlton" of wedding dress boutiques. As little girls, Betsy and I dreamt of what our wedding dresses would look like one day when we met our own Prince Charmings. They were never pushy or made me feel pressured to buy anything on the spot. They made me WANT to buy my dress from Solutions, not just because I was obsessed with my Marisa Bridals dress, but because the ladies working there made me feel so comfortable and like I was their only customer. 

The customer service at Solutions is unlike any other experience I had wedding dress shopping. They greeted us warmly at the door, offered us water, wine, mimosas or champagne, then took the time to get to know me. They asked about Houston and my relationship, how we met, and then about our wedding plans so far. Then the shopping began! They encouraged me to try styles I wouldn't have picked for myself and we found my dream gown! It was an easy "Yes to the Dress!" for me and we popped champagne to celebrate! Many pictures and happy tears later we dreamed how to personalize my dress by adding some dainty, lace straps with the talented seamstress Holly of Tears of Joy Seamstress. 

The months to follow, I would stop by unannounced to Solutions if I was in town and in the neighborhood and they were so sweet to let me pop in and say hi and see my dress :) 
And the women at Solutions were so sweet to keep up with me on social media to see pictures from our wedding and sharing some of our pictures. 

I know my mom and Betsy would agree with me that the relationships you make with all your vendors during the wedding planning process is unlike anything I've ever experienced.
You share one of the biggest days of your and your husbands lives with the people that make your wedding dreams come to fruition.

And major shoutout to Brandee from Blush (our wedding planner for each of our weddings) for introducing us to our amazing vendors!! Brandee is the BEST and we can't say enough wonderful things about Brandee!!

It was so much fun to put my wedding dress on again this past weekend. 
(Thank you Pure Barre workouts for helping me squeeze back in 2+ years later!!)
Here are a few pictures from our sister shoot!

Fun morning with momma!
Our amazing stylist, Tali from Solutions Bridal
And some special sister memories from Betsy and Michael's and Houston and my wedding days below, 
I sure am lucky to have you as my sister Betsy πŸ‘―πŸ’•
| Photos from Kristen Weaver Photography |

xox. A

P.S. Can't leave my awesome big bro out of the fun... so here's a picture from such a fun memory from Houston's and my wedding when Michael and I did a brother/sister surprise dance!