My Sister's Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston

I can't believe it but we just passed the 10,000th pageview for the blog! Thank you for those who have read along. It's been quite a while, so this post is about a fun bachelorette weekend we had for my sister back in August.

I had so much fun at my sister's bachelorette weekend several weeks ago and there were 11 of us that got to be there to celebrate. Half of us got in late Thursday night to the house on VRBO we rented (which was a great location and could accommodate our large group). I was able to get there a little early to get the place set up and put out some decorations for my sister before she arrived!

Friday morning we went to the airport to pick up the girls that had flown in (all the way from California!), grabbed breakfast and headed to the beach to Isle of Palms. The weather was great and after soaking up the sun we went to such a yummy and eclectic place for lunch called The Obstinate Daughter. And we had to go downstairs after for an ice cream/cookie sandwich at Beardcat's Sweet Shop, I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream!

Friday night we stayed in to make tacos, drinks and a little bridal shower for my sister. The night may or may not have ended in a dance party!

We woke up Saturday and had good intentions of going for a run/walk along the Battery, but only 2 in the group had enough willpower to go. We went for a delicious brunch at Hominy Grill. I ordered the Blackberry Collins to drink while we waited for our big group to get a table. I ordered the Grilled Vegetable Omelette for brunch, so yummy. Then we had to do a historic carriage ride which was really beautiful, even after we got caught in a downpour in downtown Charleston.

We went back to the house to get ready for dinner and had an early 5:30 reservation at Barsa Tapas Lounge & Bar. It was the perfect place for our large party and oh.my.gosh. the food was amazing!! We ordered a hodge podge of tapas and 2 paellas to share. Some of my favorite tapas were the stuffed peppers, dates and roasted beet salad. The food was amazing and the service was great too. One of Betsy's bridesmaids sent us pink champagne to celebrate - thanks Kelly!!! 

After dinner we went to a few bars that were a lot of fun and perfect for our group. First we went to The Gin Joint, my personal favorite. It's a great place to get craft cocktails. On their menu they have a list of adjectives - fruity, tart, herbal, unique, spicy, etc. - that you can choose two from and their bartender will make a drink for you. Betsy's fiancé Michael bought us a round of drinks, so thoughtful! Then we went to a rooftop bar, with a beautiful view of the city. Lastly we went to a place to do a little dancing before calling it a night.

Before heading home, we grabbed a delicious brunch at Poogan's Porch (I'm a brunch person if you haven't noticed!). Trust me, you won't forget those biscuits! We went for a quick stroll around the Battery and saw Rainbow Row before hitting the road.

It was such a great weekend celebrating my sister and I can't wait for her to marry the love of her life in just a few weeks!

You can see the rest of our pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #BBoydTakesTheBattery.