4.20.13 - Best Day Ever!!!

Last weekend was the greatest weekend I've ever had! Houston proposed to me at my apartment last Saturday and he made it so very special for me!

We had quite the weekend, to say the least...

Thursday, I drove over to Atlanta after class for the Taylor Swift concert, he had given me tickets for Christmas and it was the perfect present! The concert was incredible! (Although looking back he did seem a little protective of his phone when I kept trying to steal it to take pictures and video since my phone had run out of space!)

Friday, we drove back to Birmingham for my semi formal for Chi O with friends! As a senior, it was my last sorority event so it was very special to have Houston there with our friends.

Saturday, we didn't have much planned (or so I thought!). He came over and we made breakfast and by coincidence watched The Wedding Planner that was on TV. Then we made a picnic and headed over to the Botanical Gardens in Mountain Brook to eat our picnic, it was the most beautiful, spring day outside! 

Then we went for a walk through Mountain Brook and sat by the stream and talked. We made a plan for the rest of the evening to go see a movie, so we drove back to my apartment so that I could change clothes - but Houston had something very different in mind…

I opened up the door to see stunning flowers and candles covering Juliann's and my apartment and I immediately knew today was the day!!! Houston sat me down and shared some of the most beautiful words he's ever shared with me. He reached under the hats and opened a box, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I SAID YES!!! Overwhelmed with such joy to get to marry my very best friend! We danced to the music that was playing in the background for a few minutes and got to take in these incredible moments together. He then sat me down and asked me to read a letter he had written me about the first time he knew he loved me, two years before.

We started calling family and friends to share the wonderful news with them! After a little time had passed, Houston told me that his parents, as an engagement present were treating us to a very special meal together and that I needed to get changed for our special date, our first dinner together alone as an engaged couple!

We pulled up and walked around the building, I didn't think anything weird about it, but when Houston opened the door and our families and friends were there to surprise me and surround us with love and support! What an incredible day!!

It meant so much to me to get to celebrate with our families and friends right away!! It was so much fun and I just kept staring at the beautiful ring on my hand!

I cannot believe I get to marry Houston!!!! Houston is the most wonderful, godly man. He treats me like a princess and always makes me laugh! He knows how to help me relax when I get stressed or worked up. He supports me in all of my crazy ideas. He is my better half and makes me a better person every single day. I had no idea my love for someone could continue to grow every day like it does for him and I'm so blessed God placed him in my life!

I cannot wait to be his wife!!!



Meal Budgeting

One of my favorite classes this semester has been Food Prep 101! This is one of my only "fun" classes I've taken at school (meaning it wasn't required for my major or minor) and I've loved learning some life skills by taking this class.

Our final project is due the last week of class and we are required to come up with a week's worth of meals (dinners require recipes) in which we cannot spend more than $78 for the entire week on the 21 meals.

I know this will require some time, but I'm really looking forward to this assignment. It won't be long until I'm on my own and needing to budget like this for healthy meals and I think I will actually use it once I have created the meal plan.

I have a few resources I've already planned on using (which I wanted to share with you) and was curious if any of you had suggestions for meals I should make that are quick and inexpensive to make, or other resources you'd recommend I use!?
I would love any and all suggestions you have for saving money on groceries and meal recipes!